Software Programming

The company’s experienced software design and development team can successfully support all phases of a software project's lifecycle:

  • User Requirements & Business Process Analysis
  • System Specifications
  • Software Architecture and Design                           
  • Implementation and Testing
  • Deployment and Support
  • Maintenance and Change Management

Well-established standards and software engineering methodologies such as UML and MDA tools are used to produce accurate user requirements and system specifications documentation. The team then proceeds with designing the system architecture, based on proven patterns such as n-tier architecture, SOA, web services, blueprints and design patterns recommended by Microsoft and Sun Microsystems for .NET and Java technology stacks respectively.

SAICON's development team uses best-of-breed tools and technologies and has significant and diverse experience in projects, including:

  • Desktop and ASP.NET 3-tier web applications (using C, C++, MFC, C#, Visual Studio 2005 and .NET 2.0)
  • Graphics Applications (2D, 3D) using OpenGL, DirectX
  • Active Directory and systems management in Microsoft .NET
  • SAP Business One custom development
  • Java enterprise applications using:
  • Spring as lightweight container or Java EE EJB's
  • JPA/Hibernate for persistence
  • Web Services (SOAP/HTTP, XML)
  • Tapestry Web Application framework
  • Desktop and mobile networked java applications and games using:
  • Swing API
  • 3D scenegraph libraries (Java3D/jME)
  • Socket communication
  • PHP content management systems and community portals
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