Multi-player Casual Games Development

SAICON has developed multi-player casual games for the App-store and the Google-play market. These games were granted to DEMCO Group Central Holding & Investment Company, in early 2011 (see reference case).

The games are available at Indicative:

Penalty Shootout

Penalty Shootout is a fully customizable football game for teams and brands. Players try to guess their opponents’ next move and outscore them. The game is a powerful tool for building brand loyalty and provides a forum for fans to interact with each other in several ways.

Boxing Clever

Boxing Clever is a multiplayer casual game which can be customized according to customers’ needs.  Players select their moves, attack and defend, and try to knock out their opponent.  It is a great way to promote brands on a global level, increase consumer involvement, connect through social media, create revenue, and provide a dynamic user experience.

Rock Paper Scissors

The game everyone loved to play as a kid in a casual multiplayer edition.  Players can choose from a best of 1-5 game series and have to guess their opponents’ next move correctly in order to win.  A great way to increase consumer engagement!

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