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Mission & Profile

“No organization should pursue success at the expense of the communities in which it operates. Business should have a positive responsibility to operate in ways that benefit society and foster its well-being on a sustained and sustainable basis.”

Completely tuned with this perception SAICON's mission is to create values and value for the benefit of the society, its clients and partners and its shareholders.

Founded in September 2005, SAICON successfully combines innovative methodologies and advanced technology solutions to address managerial and IT challenges. As much an IT & software engineering and a management consulting company, SAICON conceptualizes, develops and implements bottom-line solutions for business and IT transformation. Towards this end the company puts state-of-the-art IT and telecommunications systems and technology at the service of partners and clients.

SAICON’s business offering combines intelligent technology infrastructure with a unique managerial competence in order to design and realize working solutions and offer them to the targeted market segments under various business models.

The company offers gamification consulting services to clients that target to advance their customer relationship strategies and related actions. It also specializes in the development and commercial exploitation of multi-player casual games for all types of end-devices (Java ME, iOS, Android, Windows etc).

SAICON can also demonstrate a strong experience and a unique solutions’ bundle offering, in business engineering, e-learning engineering, research and development of advanced software technologies and their application to complex technical problems.
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