Gamification Consulting

Loyalty projects with gamification techniques are one of the most innovative and fastest growing areas in the business, with fantastic results in expanding a company’s audience, maximizing user engagement, increasing brand loyalty and driving wanted behaviors. The techniques are applied to areas beyond marketing, like education and improving productivity.

Digital consumers today, expect recognition when they first interact with a brand and the attention of that brand throughout their entire journey of interaction. Via digital channels, a constant and consistent dialogue with consumers is not only possible but fundamental to reach customer retention and expansion. To establish the best customer experience, it’s crucial to recognize the customer and the conversations they have with the brand. Even if a consumer has not yet purchased a product, he has the potential to be a valuable brand advocate. Post-purchase, the consumer needs to be recognized for making the purchase, treated differently and be rewarded.

SAICON is a pioneer in loyalty marketing and relationship management, offering customers some of the latest technologies focused on loyalty with gamification techniques. In cooperation with its Partner Icon Platforms, with a strong R&D and a highly entrepreneurial management team, SAICON offers its clients access to powerful digital technologies, with limitless applications.

                              The Gamification Concept

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