Business Process Management

To be successful in today's world of ever-changing markets and constant technological advances, companies must align their processes with market and customer needs, increase responsiveness and flexibility and reduce overall costs. Implementing Business Process Management, companies are able to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of internal and external business processes, setting the stage for long-term success.

SAICON possesses significant knowledge and experience of complex business process management projects. The company’s staff and management team has been using the ARIS methodology and the s/w of Software AG for many years, while it also uses the subject - based business process management methodology and software of Metasonic AG.

SAICON distributes the Metasonic software products, via its Partner Icon Platforms, harnessing all its business networks.

The services portfolio includes the following:                                                        
•    Subject-based Business Process Management (s-BPM)
•    Enterprise Architecture Management
•    IT Architecture management
•    Portals and Content Management
•    Process-oriented IT Systems Design, Implementation & Change Management

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