DEMCO Group Reference Case

In 2008, SAICON’s use of innovative methodologies and its state-of-the-art IT expertise led to the development of a Cross-Platform Communication Server (CPCS) Technology that delivers functionality and content, from and among end-user internet-connected devices, extendable through "plugins" to support any number of devices on any operating system.

The technology’s architecture provides unlimited extensibility either by integrating existing functionality of another provider, or by developing new functionality. It is designed with «Service-Oriented» architecture that enables interoperability with other systems and technologies, and thanks to its modular design, extensions can be easily developed and upgrades of modules can be applied on demand. All functionality incorporated or developed in CPCS technology is integrated on the existing subsystems which support all the features and functions of social networking, casual applications and games.

Within a world-changing space and targeting a long-term product roadmap investment, SAICON Ltd granted the technology’s rights to the DEMCO Group Central Holding & Investment Company, in early 2011. Thenceforth, the technology is constantly updated with the latest trends in the field of casual and social applications, providing solutions for any market.

For further details on the technology, please visit, where you can find comprehensive information on the Cross-Platform Communication Technology & the cross-platform multiplayer casual and social gaming.

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